FireBot Fire Suppression Systems

Marketing and Sales Plan


Our primary sales focus will be on apartment and condominium management. With an initial sales target of only 10,000 units, purchase orders from only a few medium to large property management companies will allow us to prove our business plan, reach profitability, and scale our manufacturing and sales efforts to grow the company exponentially.

Insurance Incentives

We believe that commercial property insurance companies will offer discounts to clients that proactively reduce risks associated with kitchen fires on their properties by installing FireBot Fire Suppression Systems in each and every one of their units. If successful, it would be even more of a no-brainer for property managers to use the FireBot.

Fire Marshalls, Fire Code

Regulatory mandates would be great but are a long-term goal. Just as with smoke alarms in the 80s and 90s, and more recently the adoption of building codes requiring sprinkler systems in new residential construction in many jurisdictions, we envision a future where FireBot is also required by fire codes across the country.

Fire Restoration Companies

Fire occurs on kitchen stovetops over 166,000 times per year. Fire Restoration companies repair these damages. It would be a great time to finish off the kitchen rebuild with a FireBot to insure a stovetop fire would not happen again. FireBot would protect homes from stovetop fires, effectively reducing the risk of smoke, flame, and water damage. If even 10% of homeowners want the protection of FireBot, that would result in sales of 16,000 units per year. Guaranteed $2 million in sales per year. Our ace in the hole.

Alarm Companies

FireBot's Z-Wave communication is easily programmed into existing alarm control panels. FireBot, an extra device to sell and install, is a great device for added revenue to be included with every system sold. Good for the 13 billion dollar alarm industry. Let's be conservative - 1 sold each month by 5,000 alarm salespeople equals 60,000 units sold per year, or a $7 million gross profit per year just for FireBot.

Big Box Stores/Online Sales

Mass market consumer sales in big box stores. Together, Home Depot and Lowes have over 4,000 locations. Anyone in the country could purchase FireBot. FireBot is easily installed - magnets attache in seconds to any range hood. Perfect for the do-it yourself market. If each store sold one FireBot per month that would generate 48,000 units sold per year or $5,760,000 in gross profit. We believe that number would be higher, as 35 million smoke alarms are sold each year comparable as a similar fire safety device.

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Quick Stats (Yearly)

Home Fires Involving Cooking Equipment

* According to a November 2016 report by the National Fire Protection Association

Home fires
$ 1.1 B
Property damage