Let’s make the world safer.

Let’s stop half of all home fires.

Fact from the National Fire Prevention Agency: Half of all residential fires start on kitchen stovetops. They kill over 500 people a year; cause over 5000 injuries and well over 1.1 billion dollars in property loss.

There is now a device, FireBot, that can stop all of them. Somewhat like a smoke detector but it can extinguish a fire. Operating like a fire suppression system required in commercial kitchens but costing $165, not $6000.

FireBot: a self-contained, battery-operated fire safety product. It quickly installs concealed in existing range hoods. If an out of control fire occurs on the stovetop, FireBot automatically detects by temperature, activates, and extinguishes an out of control fire on any of the 4 burners – even a cooking oil fire. FireBot meets the same UL safety standards for fire suppression as commercial systems. Its suppressant is non-toxic, biodegradable, and cleans up with paper towels.

If you have ever experienced a stovetop fire in your units, or have a concern one could occur, your fears are justified. For loss of life, property damage is the hallmark of these kitchen fires.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, the cost of fire damage recovery in more extensive kitchen fires might require extensive rebuilding and cost around $10,000-$30,000 for average kitchens and $50,000-$70,000 or more for upscale kitchens with custom countertops and cabinets. Restoration costs depend on the method used to extinguish fire (whether chemical or water); how hot the fire was, as well as its duration; what kind of materials it burned; amount and acidity of ensuing soot, the type of objects in need of cleaning (floors, drapes, walls, and countertops) and how they were affected by soot. Which means damage from smoke, water, and later mold affecting not just one unit but also many. Let’s not forget the deductible. Many management companies keep high deductibles of $10,000 plus to hold insurance costs down. If you want the peace of mind, never have to deal with the hassle, installation of FireBots is the best way to prevent a disaster a kitchen stovetop fires can cause.

Help us stop stovetop fires forever!

Mark Baldino, CEO
FireBot Inc.