Stop half of all home fires with a simple device. FireBot

How It Works

A simple device that will have a major impact in the world of fire prevention.

FireBot is a low-cost device that will automatically activate to properly extinguish a stovetop fire.

A patent pending battery operated device with a 5-year life that can both warn and extinguish a fire automatically.

Mounted above kitchen stovetops, out of sight, in the range hood. It waits till it reads an abnormal high temperature that signals an out of control stovetop fire.

Upon FireBot Activation:

  • It sprays fire suppressant (not water) to extinguish even a grease fire on all four burners.
  • Activates an audible warning alarm.
  • Sends a Z-Wave signal to turn off the electric or gas flow to the burners.
  • Notify the owner or monitoring station of activation or low battery condition.

Result, fire goes out no damage.

Buy one share or many. Good for your future.
By creating a simple device we solve a huge problem. Good for everyone!