Investment Document Portal – Learn about our FireBot’s newest offering

Gain access to our 3 investment documents for our 4,293 Class C Shares under the rules of 506B.

Entering the password above signifies you have established a substantive relationship with FireBot. We will not give you a password unless we know you through previous investment dealings, a personal relationship, or we have met with you, in person, by phone, or by internet communications to discuss FireBot, meeting the following requirements:

The SEC defines a substantive relationship as “[a relationship] in which the issuer (or person acting on its behalf) has sufficient information to evaluate, and does, in fact evaluate, a prospective offeree’s financial circumstances and sophistication, in determining his or her status as an accredited or sophisticated investor.”

We wouldn’t have it any other way. We want our investors to understand FireBot’s product, mission, and have a clear understanding of the investment and risks involved.

Please call or email us to set up a time to get to know one another.

Mark Baldino, CEO


Investment Portal

Once we receive your Accredited Investor Form one of the three documents received from the previous step Investment Document Portal. We will send you a password to access our Investment Portal with the steps necessary to purchase shares.