Fire Suppression

A low-cost device that detects and suppresses stovetop fires automatically.


  • Battery operated, charge lasts 3 years
  • Unobtrusive or out of sight
  • Will not trigger with smoke
  • Non-toxic liquid easy to clean up


  • Triggers before fire causes damage
  • Uses non-toxic suppressant
  • 34 fl oz does not cause damage
  • Network enabled with other security sensors


  • Installs in 3-5 minutes
  • Fits any range hood
  • Fits under a microwave
  • Main unit out of sight
  • Installed by building maintenance

Cost Savings

  • Insurance firms indicate 5-20% savings on building premiums
  • Avoid fire & water damage insurance deductibles for repairs
FireBot Fire Suppression Systems - FireBlaide

$169.96 PER UNIT SRP

  • Similar cost as two fire extinguishers
  • Scaled-down restaurant systems for residential us are on average costing $1,500
  • Volume discounts available