FireBot Suppression
Market Potential Proforma Survey

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There are 4.7 million stovetop fires per year. You may have experienced one or know someone who has.  170,000 require fire department responses. They cause over a billion dollars in damages a year, 500 deaths and 5000 injuries. Stovetop fires are responsible for half of all home fires. There are over 100 Million kitchens in the U.S. FireBot installed can stop all of them.

If you could purchase a device such as FireBot to stop stovetop fires with the following attributes:

  • Picture a smoke detector, only it puts out the fire
  • Small, fits hidden in the range hood
  • Detects fire by heat triggering at 190 degrees, which prevents all flame damage
  • Covers all 4 burners on a standard stovetop
  • 5-year battery powered (no plugs)
  • Suppressant used will extinguish a 1-inch cooking oil fire, or any type fire for that matter
  • Suppressant is non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Meets Underwriters Laboratories UL 300A Standards
  • Installs in minutes
  • Has wireless capability for communication with home automation or alarm panels
  • Insurance companies would give a safety discount on your premium, making FireBot free, because all benefit with no damage, no fires
  • Stops the fear from a stovetop fire by stopping them, reducing the cause of all home fires by over 50%.

If you are a member of a Condominium or Apartment management company or association: