Here is the latest news from FireBot. We are pleased to announce that our design and implementation team is 90% finished working on our final retail product. Thank you for your patience, but we believe the wait will be more than worth it!

We now have a new plastic housing engineered for mass production. Check out the new photos below. We have reduced FireBot’s footprint from 12×12 inches (144 sq. in.) to 10×10 (100 sq. in.) and we believe can reduce the unit’s size even further. In two more weeks our housing size will be down to 8×8 inches (64 sq. in.), an impressive reduction in size of over 50%! This is accomplished by arranging the same components more efficiently in their physical space, and represents tremendous progress!


The next big development is our 3rd generation circuit board, which will have the capacity for wireless communication for stove shutoffs (gas or electric), as well as low battery and activation alerts. This will allow FireBot to communicate with alarm panels, home automation, central stations, and even cell phones.

I would say we are good to go in exact specifications with 90% of FireBot’s components. We have 65% of our needed component manufacturers in place and are currently vetting the remaining vendors in anticipation of our first order for procurement.

There are still some minor internal enhancements we would like to complete before going to production, such as a direct 3/8″ fitting to the suppressant bag and smaller diameter quick connects that attach the suppressant bag to the pump. Work on these small yet important details is happening right now. In 4 more weeks I believe we will have a product 100% ready for sales. Whew!

FireBot now has enough funding to complete our primary goal of manufacturing a completed, retail-ready product. Thank you again too all who have given us a vote of confidence by investing! But the fundraising doesn’t stop here. There are still some outstanding pieces that, while not absolutely necessary for production, will go a long way towards helping to ensure FireBot is as successful as possible. Those are:

  1. Funds for UL 300A certification costs
  2. 50 demo units for our sales team
  3. Basic print and online marketing for sales

This is what we still need! Please help us spread the word!