From Concept to Reality
From the problem – how do you stop stovetop fires – to the design, mechanics, physics, engineers, patents, experiments, research, testing, several years developing prototypes, each generation getting better.

All to get to 30 first edition working FireBots that satisfy UL competency and are precursors to sales and mass production. A product that works as prescribed.

Next, streamline the assembly process so when sales come in we can meet the demand. We have done well so far.

Plain and simple the next step is solving the following paradox:
If we had product in boxes, we would sell them and have money to produce even more FireBots.

Since we don’t have product in boxes, we need money to manufacture FireBots to sell.

Kind of like which came first the chicken or the egg.

Everyone always asks us this question:
How many have you sold? Quick answer. If we had product to sell we would not need any additional money. Sell 10,000, that’s a gross profit of $1.2 million

A better question to ask would be:
How much money do you need to get FireBot to market?

Well it breaks down like this: $26k for injection molds, $75k for UL-300A Certification (makes it free with insurance discounts), $450k for manufacturing 10,000 FireBots, and let’s add in $350k for 6 sales and marketing employees and operation costs. Total that comes to about $900k.

Our Possible Scenarios to Raise Money:
Win the Lottery 
We don’t gamble
Rich Uncle Don’t have one
Crowd Funding SiteCould work well at this point. Can we presell 1,000 to 10,000? Maybe. Possible.

Generate feasibility of economic success by showing viability of future orders. Plan that will make everyone feel better, short of actual sales, will help with chances below:

  • Bank Loans – Loan officer would feel good about the chance of success

Sell additional shares in company up to 20% ownership

  • Current investors, friends, family that see potential of FireBot, they have done a super job getting us to the point we are, it’s hard
  • Angel Investors – Maybe if they quit investing in drones, electric scooters, and apps
  • Venture Capital Companies – have to show them potential thru orders; we will go to them when we reach 10,000 units sold. How can they say no? Unless we are not asking for enough money, sometimes they say under a million is not worth their time. This time I think the upside is independent of the expense. But if they want to spend more money they can. We won’t say no.
  • Existing companies that have a parallel product line. We are talking to the world’s leader in Commercial Range Hood Manufacturing ($450m/year). The other, a Kitchen Appliance and Fire Extinguisher company, has been around since 1908. Both a great fit and they understand what potential FireBot has.

In the meantime we will take the first source of funding – partial or full. We have to help the world solve a big problem: stopping out of control stovetop fires. The root cause of half of all home fires, repeat half. That’s a lot for a product that costs $165. FireBot can end them forever.

The explanation is real why we need your help, your endorsement, pre order, support, not an obligation, but a statement to prove to others FireBot is a necessary product. Not a passing fancy but one that serves a purpose and solves a problem. For Investors, a return on their hard earned money.

So I thank you in advance to please click here and fill out our quick form. We are really close.

Of course if someone wants to make it a real order, It’s a $5,000 deposit, and I will have them installed for you in 6 months.

Mark Baldino
FireBot Inc.